Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Football again

It is amazing how after 3 months you get used to these scenes. I was horrified and saddend on my first day by the sight of the poor amputees struggling in to the field by the hotel to play football. There were so many and I knew how they had sustained their terrible losses. I didnt know how to feel comfortable approaching them. I went to Freetown on Monday and found myself stuck there onTuesday (another story). There was a football tournament with single leg amptutees and I was very happy to see the Sierra Leone team play Ghana. Unfortunately the Saloneans lost but the crowd was supportive and I was happy to chat with a couple of the players. I still wasnt comfortable enough to photograph them. In case you are wondering the goal keeper is two legged but one arm.

The situation in Guinea is concerning many people here. The borders are closed and many Saloneans are stuck on the wrong side. Refugees are expected and the NGO's here in Makeni are readying. Any tensions and this will be a trip ender for me unfortunately. I'm a bit of a coward.

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