Sunday, December 07, 2008


Yes we can, Obama

Obama is the catch word here, an untold worldwide success. The effect of a "brother" with similar pigmented skin achieving the highest office of the pumoy (white man) while still being a minority, is amazing and impressive to those here in Sierra Leone. It is still worthy of much discussion around the bar and on the street. Two really important things are of significance. First is that someone from a visible minority can be elected based on perceived ability. That counters the basic understanding of politics here in Sierra Leone where the biggest and the most powerful tribe wins. One always votes and supports the tribe no matter what. So the huge message from the US is that tolerance for a leadership better able, wins over tribal majority white “Bush rule”. The other clear message is more stark, in that a black pigmented person is not doomed to minor work. It is amazing that this is very much instilled here with the pumoy held high and the black man disparaged. My biggest challenge is to persuade Saloneans here in Bo that they are able to do the work I am instructing. We can Obama YES.

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