Thursday, January 04, 2007


Home comforts

I could kill a Mars bar right now but there just aint none in the whole of Makeni. What deprivation one has to put up with here, and I’m suffering from a stinking cold so I need some comfort food. I’ll make some scrambled eggs and pretend baked beans, with bread and jam. Things could be worse. Having taken the afternoon off I was rummaging around my bags and at last found the missing home DVD. Thanks to Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters of 20/20 pictured here, I spent a comforting hour entertained by interviews with friends and family. After a couple of months away it was good, although incredibly surreal, to see scenes of Canadian homes, the Altus office, Toronto streets and trees all from my darkened bare residence here in Makeni. The zany humour of the production brought a smile to my face. Thanks everyone esp. Hugh and Barbara, I feel much better now.

Hi Paul,
My name is Sacha; I happen to be volunteering with VSO Canada as well, under their NetCorps program, and have been assigned a posting in - you guessed it - Sierra Leone! In my case I'll be staying for 3 months in Freetown, doing some IT-related work with the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning.

I'll be travelling to Sierra Leone in two weeks (January 22 is my arrival date). I was pleasantly surprised to find your blog during some Internet research I was doing on my placement, and I found your entries and photos are very entertaining and insightful. I'll be starting a blog myself shortly and plan to be taking lots of pictures too!

In any case, my email address is at the bottom of this message; drop my a line when you have some time, I'd love to hear from you, particularly if there's any advice or stuff you wish you'd known beforehand that you could share with a newly minted volunteer like myself. And hey, if ever I have a chance to visit your part of the country, maybe I can bring you a Mars bar? ;-)

Cheers, looking forward to hearing from you!
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